Group Activities during COVID-19

During these unusual and uncertain times, the Albrecht Group has managed to adapt to life working from home (#WFH).

Our group activities have been summarized below:

Nashwa submitted a manuscript to ECS Transactions for the 237th Meeting of the Electrochemical Chemical Society issue. The paper discusses aspects of her Masters research project of thiolated nanoparticles for surface modification.

Oliver has been quite active, volunteering for the National Health Service as an Honorary Healthcare Scientist Associate Practitioner to assist in running COVID-19 diagnostics. Further to this, Oliver has been applying his current research theme of nano-pipettes towards a medium term solution for SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics.

Adrian started exploring various material classes for spin excess using density functional theory as a first step towards selecting potential candidates for synthesis.

Last, but not least, Chris and Wesley have continued work on building neural networks for single-molecule nucleotide classification and simulating the self-assembly of colloidal photonic metamaterials, respectively.